Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Oz Comic-Con 2015 Giveaway

I'm noticing a trend in 2015. And that trend is that being a geek is going mainstream.

In between a plethora of Marvel movies and the huge popularity of Game of Thrones, more and more people are getting into what was previously the domain of nerds - comic books, science fiction and fantasy, animation and cult movies.

Back when I was a young geek, it was a fairly lonely old life. It wasn't until I got to university and found The Internet that I discovered there were people out there who loved Star Wars! And Tolkien! It was like finding my tribe.

Flashforward a few years and now you can find geeks everywhere. They're at your work, making coffee and talking about why Jon Snow Knows Nothing. They're in cinema foyers, munching popcorn in their Captain America t-shirt.

And, joyfully, geeks can now congregate at conventions like Oz Comic-Con. We can dress up as our favourite characters, chatter with other like-minded folk about the latest fandom news; and most exciting of all... chat to our favourite actors, authors and artists!

Oz Comic-Con is coming to Brisbane in September and I've got 2 x family passes (that's 2 x adults and 2 x children) to give away. It's on at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre 19-20 September, enter to win! Each pass is for the WHOLE WEEKEND and is worth $160. Check out the con website to see what guests are expected. If you're a Stargate fan, you'll be particularly excited. Plus there's plenty of other cool stuff to see, experience and buy.

To be in the running, just leave a comment below (along with a way for me to contact you) and tell me - if you had an an unlimited Cosplay budget, who would you dress up as? [THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED]

Me, I've already been a Jedi, but if I had oodles of money and time I've always wanted to try the Kaylee's Layer Cake Dress from Firefly!

Terms and Conditions:
This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part. Open only to Australia residents. This competition closes 11.59pm AEST Tues 1st September 2015. Winners will be announced Wed 2nd September. Prize is not transferable and is not redeemable for cash.


  1. If I had an unlimited cosplay budget I would definitely don some hollywood-quality makeup with the help of the professions and go as a zombie from the Walking Dead comics. Perhaps I could even convince someone to come along with me as Rick Grimes.

  2. If I had an unlimited cosplay budget me and my family would go as X-Men characters.

  3. If I had unlimited cosplay budget, I'd go as Daenerys Targaryen with animatronic dragons. I'm a dude. Makeup should do the trick. XP -

  4. I would come as Bumble Bee and make the rest of my family dress up as Transformers too!

  5. If the budget was umlimited then it would have to be Mystique from the X men series. I am assuming the unlimited budget includes the plastic surgery and personal trainer required to achieve Jennifer's amazing figure right ??

  6. If I had unlimited cosplay budget, I would DEFINITELY go as Strax the Sontaran. A multi talented Nurse and Butler, and funny as, even if he does look like a potato!

  7. I think the comment box ate my comment maybe?
    Anyway, if I had a truly unlimited cosplay budget I would replicate the Iron Man suit "Rescue", as worn by Pepper Pots, or build a full set of Space Marine armour. With a slightly less extravagant budget, I would love to cosplay as Rose Garnet from Steven Universe, with a fantastic wig and a fluffy dress :3
    My email is jesseswift89 at gmail dot com

  8. I believe in make-believe! With an unlimited Cosplay budget I’d dress up as Princess Sakura from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. With a gorgeous custom-made costume and accessories I’d speak, walk and act like Princess Sakura. I would inhabit her fantastical world - a world far removed from my own - perfect escapism. My email is debolliver at

  9. I would go as my favourite character - The Hulk. My wife would be her favourite - Catwoman. And our son would be a Hulk/Catwoman mashup. Magic! My email is dreams12386 at



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