Monday, April 13, 2015

Paint it White - upcycling a bookcase

When I was on annual leave recently I had lot of grand plans for cleaning and decluttering the house. Most of these didn't eventuate. I had, however, mentioned to my husband I'd like to paint our pine bookcase white.

Well, he wouldn't let me get out of it then. I was bundled up and taken to Bunnings, where I chose some paint. I went with Dulux Natural White. Out of all the shades of white, why this one? Well, somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I remembered a fave interior style blogger saying it was the main colour she used. The nice man in the paint department had to mix it up for me as he didn't have it in the right size (which is why the tin says "Vivid" instead of "Natural").

We got 2L, which was far too much, but we figured we can use it to paint some other things (I have some bar stools in desperate need of a facelift).

I had also bought two paintbrushes and a set of three sanding blocks and away we went. We dragged it out onto the patio and put down an old sheet. Tip for beginners - wear your old clothes. You're going to get paint on you!

We gave the bookcase a light sanding all over - there wasn't too much varnish so didn't take to it with the orbital sander like we thought we might need to.

I must admit, hubby really drove the project. I spent about five minutes resenting his involvement because I had wanted this to be my "baby" but honestly, that dissipated as soon as I realised how much work was in it!

You see, I like things to be done quickly. I'm a little into instant gratification, and even though this wasn't the world's largest painting project (like, say, A HOUSE, which is also on my future to-do list) I was glad of the help of a second pair of hands.

Then we just started brushing on the paint.

As you can see, we were a bit slapdash. But I figured this wasn't the Sistine Chapel, and I do like things to look a bit rustic. I love the word "rustic", it covers so many imperfections doesn't it?

We let the first coat dry for a day, then attacked it with a second one.

Sorry about the poor quality photo here. My poor iPhone really cannot cope with interiors. I am extremely happy with the end result however! I even ended up moving its location to the dining room.

Have you ever painted furniture? What should be my next project?

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