Thursday, April 30, 2015

Musings of a Plus Size Thrifter

On the weekend, my cousin and I went to the "Wardrobe Warriors" market at Mt Gravatt show grounds. I understand some enterprising plpeople organize this every few months and I certainly applaud the idea. Anything that gets consumers considering shopping secondhand is a good thing in my book as you know, dear reader!

The focus was on high-quality, designer clothes and accessories and certainly there were some lovely pieces. The problem was as I wandered and poked into racks, I didn't see a single thing over a size 16. I had been hoping an entrepreneurial plus size lady or two might have set up a stall but it was not to be. 

Now, this is not the fault of the market. The stalls in the day depend on the people who a) hear about it; and b) want to sell. 

So what do larger ladies do with their unwanted clothes? I can only conclude they give them away to friends, have private clothes swaps or give to op shops. I know in other cities there are plus-sized themed clothes markets but alas here is BrisVegas I have not heard of any at all lately. Who wants to organize one? Just kidding. Or not...

And so I guess I will continue to trawl op shops looking for the occasional 16+ gem. They are out there, I know because I've found then. You just have to be persistent. 

What do you do with your unwanted clothes?


  1. My mom buys 98% of her clothing second hand, all of really nice quality and up to date but I always tell her she can do that and I cannot because she is a size 2/4 and I am a 12/14.

  2. My unwanted clothes always end up at the Salvos or Life Line. I buy odds and ends at Charity shops but rarely clothes. Sometimes I'll buy a piece of clothing if I can recycle it into something else. I do this with denim jeans a fair bit. I make them into aprons and hippie style shoulder bags. Love having a trawl. You never know what treasures you will find.

  3. Very good point. I have not always been my 16+ size self that I am now. So, I used to always find fabulous treasures at markets and thrift shops. Now, I seem to never find anything that fits that I like. Boo.

    1. Laaaate reply sorry! But I yes I totally hear you. Where are all the plus size clothing going?? I am determined to find out.

  4. Definitely noticed this- I'm anywhere from a 10 to 14 and went to the suitcase rummage in the CBD today and struggled to find things that were past a 10!



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