Monday, February 9, 2015

Costco Fun

After my last disastrous expedition to Costco, I was looking forward to hitting it again at a little less chaotic time.

My suggestion to hubby that we go on a weekday evening was met with an affirmative grunt so off we went. 

The store was refreshingly empty, so we were able to amble about at leisure. Hubby immediately found the tool and hardware section so that put him in a positive frame of mind straight away. 

I was just grateful to have a proper look at everything, and let my other half push the trolley (those things take some practice!)

I agree with those who say that Costco is a great place for catering a party - the platters are amazing. Where else can you buy a massive tray of prepped buffalo wings?

We ended up spending just over $100 on random stuff. I didn't really have a list so we decided to get things that struck is us a bargain or we really loved. 

Here is the haul. Ignore the other crap on my bench, I beg you.  Not pictured: 48 rolls of toilet paper that I do not have a storage solution for. 

The only thing I regret buying was the tray of Danishes (they're under there somewhere), 10 of which are now in the freezer and I'm not sure how well they will defrost. 

Best buy: Pop Tarts. Where have they been all my life?

My novice tips for Costco: don't go on a weekend, and know your prices. Other than that, just have fun! Aussies aren't used to seeing stuff in bulk, so a lot of the stock may be a novelty. 

Is it worth the yearly membership? Yes, if you team up with some family and friends and split up some purchases. Or if you have a family of ten or more!



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