Monday, June 1, 2015

Baking Fail

I find baking can be therapeutic sometimes. On Saturday I decided I wanted some scones for afternoon tea. I've made them before, never had any major issues. Sure, they weren't country show winners but my scones were ok. 

This time I even googled tips for light, fluffy scones. I read about the importance of cold butter, warnings against over handling the dough, making sure the rounds are touching on the baking tray  etc. I thought I had it. 

Except I didn't. After 20 mins in a hot oven they had hardly risen. I pulled them out to find then mostly hard on top and doughy almost-raw in the middle. 

And you know the worst part? I was so determined not to let all that time, effort and ingredients go to waste, we ate some of them anyway. Smothered in butter and honey of course. And regretted it later. 

Next time I'm trying the never-fail lemonade ones I think. 

Had any major baking fails lately? Got a good scone-making tip for me?

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