Sunday, May 24, 2015

Online versus Reality: a shopping dilemma

Do you remember the time before the internet? I do. It was a time when a good fundraiser in a country town was the "warehouse shopping trip". Essentially you booked a bus and charged people to drive them to Brisbane and take them to different shopping outlets. Because everyone was bored with their local small country town retailers, these trips were VERY popular. 

Now of course, if you want anything from any shop, as long as you're willing to pay for shipping it's only a click of the mouse away. So convenient!

I must admit however I don't love online shopping. I browse but never seem to buy, the insubstantiality of the item on the screen putting me off. Sure, I can judge whether it's going to fit by the measurements, but what will it look and feel like on? The model is no help, even the plus size ones are not my shape. And yes I can always return it - but the thought of going to the post office these days gives me hives. 

And so when I need clothes I go to the shops. I like to touch the fabric and put things on and twirl about. But even this gets tiresome after a while; endless items that aren't in my size or are too expensive and outfits that do that look awful - all this can get you down. And then there's the tiresome marching about between stores, endlessly tempted by window displays, distracted by other shiny objects and hassled by mall salespeople about Dead Sea Salt Scrubs. 

So I guess I don't really like shopping in real life either. Catch-22?

At least there's always op-shopping. 

What do you prefer when buying clothes, online or reality?


  1. Overall, reality shopping would be the winner for me (even in spite of those awful Dead Sea Salt Scrub sales people - we have them in New Zealand too!), as nothing can beat the experience of being able to actually touch and try on something before you buy. I do love a bit of online retail, but you're so right - there's nothing worse than schlepping back to the post office to return the shoes that you just bought from England only to realise that the shipping costs are more expensive than the shoes themselves. D'OH!

    1. Shipping is such a big thing here - Australia Post is SO expensive! And how much does it hurt to get a package and not have it the right size??! Grr so frustrating.



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