Friday, August 22, 2014

Defining the Nerd

It was with interest that I read that the new series premiere of Doctor Who will be simulcast in Australia, so we get it at the same time as the UK. When did this show become so popular that this can happen? I remember when the series reboot started, only one of my friends watched it. Now everyone's a fan!

But I submit to you that there are not more nerds than there were before. I believe it's actually just more acceptable to "own up" to liking "nerdy" things now. 

Who knows why? I suspect it's the internet's fault. Well do I remember the joy and relief from 15 years ago of finding other people online who loved Star Wars as much as I did. It was so unbelievably reassuring. If you love something - doesn't matter if it's astronomy or Sailor Moon - you can find a community of people on the internet that you could never build in real life.

 Yes that's a very bad pic of me dressed as a Jedi for the premiere of Return of the Sith!

I find it interesting that only certain passions are considered "nerdy". If a nerd is a person who intensely likes something but why is a sports fan or motorhead not considered to be one? The definition of nerdiness seemed previously only to encompass scientific and pop culture interests. That's significant, don't you think? I wonder why.

I do however think the word is being applied in a wider context now. I have heard non-internetty people describe themselves as "family history nerds" or "gardening geeks". It's a slightly self-deprecating way of saying "I'm really into this thing that I think that you might think is slightly daggy or uncool".

I say we should embrace it. Ten years ago I would have been completely flabbergasted by the sight of a girl wearing Black Milk Harry Potter tights at the train stationg but now I think to myself "You are awesome and I'd probably like you".

Are you a nerd about something? Do you embrace it or are you still slightly embarrassed by it?


  1. Oh man, blogger just ate my comment!!! (the first time that's happened).
    I was just saying that it's interesting that other enthusiasts aren't called "nerds"!

    And I love the pic of you as a Jedi!

    Oh, and I am pretty nerdy and totally cool with it! x

    1. Thanks! I think it's the only pic in existence :p Man, that night was fun - we had dinner at Maccas in our costumes, drew some stares I can tell you.
      Yes, you are a totally cool nerd! :)

  2. I've never done cosplay but I've been to a few Stargate conventions! And got jumped on by the actors, woo!



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