Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Errand day - supported by modern tech

Yesterday I had a rostered day off. This meant I was keen to get a lot of stuff done that needs to be taken care of in business hours. I'm not sure if you get this from my online presence - but I'm a pretty disorganised person. I struggle to do things like pay bills on time, get the right groceries or know what is for dinner.

I've been combating this general lack of organisational savvy in recent years one problem at a time. I've set up regular bill payments and direct debited as much as I can. I order groceries online, and yes actually use a LIST, and use a weekly meal plan.

One thing I didn't anticipate was that my iphone would also help. In between apps like Google maps, my bank, Reminders, Notes and Evernote I have no excuse for forgetting things any more. That is, if I remember to put it in there...

So yesterday I used Evernote to keep a list of the things I needed to get done.

No, I'm not commenting on why I needed to go to the gunsmith! I then set reminders in my Calendar to have alerts pop up when it was time for my appointments. In Evernote you can do this just by clicking the link in the time!

I even had a list ready for the library - since seeing a segment on Sunrise about "chook lit" I've been interested in sampling the genre.

After going to the doctors, I had to go to Pathology to have a whooping cough test (joy). Used Google maps to find the place.

And lastly, on a whim I cancelled my haircut and allowed the hubby to whisk me away to the movies - using Safari to check the times first as I didn't have an app for that particular chain.

Knowing that I had a list of absolutely everything, and even reminders buzzing to let me know when I had to be someplace was extremely comforting. Even though I had a day full of errands, I was more relaxed.

Here is a great post on how to get more out of Evernote from crashtestmummy. I really want to use it more dynamically in future. I especially have to get used to tagging notes.

Here is the link to the Sunrise segment on chook lit that I saw with Fiona Palmer.

What apps or organisational tools are making your life easier lately?

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  1. Sorry babe. That interview with Fiona turned me off even more than I already was. I hope you enjoy them though. Besides, you know we have VERY different reading tastes.



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