Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book review - The Alphabet Sisters

I have had this book sitting in my to-read pile for quite a few months now. I picked it up at a Lifeline Bookfest but had never actually gotten around to reading it. I have read a few others of Monica McInerney's novels and quite enjoyed them, particularly Spin the Bottle and Upside Down, Inside Out.

The Alphabet Sisters is all about family - the fights, the fury, the loneliness and the love between its members.  The beautiful Clare Valley of South Australia is the main setting, and the story that plays out against the backdrop of the family motel is one that I quite enjoyed.

The three sisters grew up singing as a trio - pushed into performing by their loving grandmother, Lola. But as they grow up, the group falls apart and the sisters become estranged after a shattering betrayal - Carrie has stolen Bett's fiancée.  The third sister Anna is pulled into the fight and everyone says something they later regret.

The story is set years after the fight, and follows the lives of all three girls as well as the mischievous and irrepressible Lola as she calls them all back to the Clare Valley for her birthday party. Forced into speaking again, can the girls put the past behind them and learn to get along once more?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and found myself increasingly drawn into the dramas of the family. Recommended for fans of contemporary fiction.


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