Thursday, April 26, 2012


I just snapped this photo of myself while waiting for the train. You ever get that paranoid feeling when you're taking a "selfie" in a public place that everyone is secretly laughing at you?

Anyway, the point is, today I wore lipstick to work for the first time in... well... probably over a year. Why did I stop? Can't remember. Probably something to do with the fact half would come off on my morning cup of tea. Why did I decide to wear it again today? I DON'T KNOW. I just felt like it.

I was then very self-conscious about it. Like everybody was looking at my lairy lips. Halfway through the day a workmate came up to me and said "Your lipstick!" in an alarming manner. My heart jumped and my fingers went to my mouth. What about it? Was there some on my teeth? Had I managed to somehow smear it everywhere like a sad 90s version of Courtney Love?
"I love the colour! What is it?"
Relief. Followed by embarrassment because I really didn't know. Further inspection proved useless: it had been in my handbag so long the label on the end had rubbed off. I was forced to admit I believed it might be a Nutrimerics one.

But someone liked my lipstick! They didn't think I looked like a little kid playing in her mum's makeup box! That, folks, I'd what's known as a Warm Fuzzy. Speaking as a girl who never gets beauty product compliments, it felt pretty darn good.

When's the last time you got a compliment? Did it make your day?

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  1. I take selfies all the time. The other day I was doing a really wild one (holding the camera up and pounting in different angles) and someone actually asked me what I was doing. Whoops.

    I think that lipstick is gorgeous on you! You should find out where it came from and get more, lipstick suits you :)



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