Friday, March 2, 2012

I just needed a hug

Last night I accused my beloved fiancee of being a sociopath.

"What kind of person are you?" I screamed at him. Understandably, he was quite offended.

Having spent the afternoon lying in bed essentially wallowing in my own sadness, I was now more upset that he hadn't come to offer me some comfort.

It was only when he explained to me that he wasn't a bloody mind reader and that he had thought that I had wanted to be left alone that I realised I'm still not getting any better at communicating my needs to him.

And to think, only a few weeks ago it was me telling him he needs to work on his communication.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Do you do this? Get frustrated when people can psychicly predict what you need emotionally? How do you overcome it?


  1. I always get frustrated when James can't tell what I'm thinking when he has done something to upset me.

    But I've learned to do things differently.

    Men aren't like us, and don't think like us, it's taken me a while to realize this. So when he does something to upset me or hurt me, I explain to him everything I am thinking, and everything he has done wrong.

    Since I have been doing this, there have been less fights, and less frustration all together. He has gotten so much better. Sometimes you just need to say everything that is on your mind. Tell him what you need, and then after a while, he might just learn to recognize the signs! James slowly has <3

    If I was there, you could have as many hugs as you want! <3!!

  2. Oh gosh yes. Early on, I'd walk out of the room wishing he'd follow after me in a dramatic display of love and affection. You know, the 'Don't walk away, I want to work this out' kind of thing? Nope, he sits there and waits for me to stop being a child. Humprh.



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