Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

It's 2012. That's kind of mind-blowing to me when I think about it. The new year is so fresh if it was bed sheets I'd be snuggling into it sniffing the pillow cases. But then again it's just another day - why should an arbitrary calendar date change one's perspective?

I've been doing a lot of travelling this last week. We drove to Townsville to see C's parents for 5 days then drove back. I drove myself to the farm to see my parents yesterday and saw in the new year in bed after a few drinks on the patio. I'm not really a big fan of making a big fuss about the changing of the calendar, and I realised last night that some of my dislike of new year celebrations are a hangover from when I was single and used to experience That Awkward Moment When You Have Nobody to Kiss At Midnight OMG.

This year I didn't even get to kiss my beloved anyway, as he was working. I'll give him an extra big one when I see him to make up for it!

I also don't make resolutions. I used to, then realised that goal-setting needs to be a part of my everyday life, so I try to make resolutions to myself throughout the year! Lately these have revolved around finding my passion in life and working on finding a career that makes me happy. I'll let you know how that one goes!

This week mum and I hope to get a heap of wedding-related stuff achieved, so there might even be a blogpost upcoming for Surely A Bride. We'll see.

How is your holiday season going?


  1. I feel that New Years' is a little overated too. I spent mine watching TV, eating Xmas chocolate, and keeping cool under the air con. It's exactly the same thing I'll be doing tonight. Any day can be special if you make it.

  2. New Years is overrated I think~ James and I spent out time watching the fireworks on TV, eating cheese and strawberries. I'm not one for making resolutions either, but this year I have too many things I want to do differently. May the New Year be kind to you, and you to it! <3



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