Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lazy day

I'm pretty sure we had hail this morning. I woke up to loud bangs, but it didn't compute at that hour of the morning so I rolled over and slept again. And slept. First time I've slept in that much in ages, and it was GLORIOUS.

I have a no-plan day today. Nothing pressing to do, nowhere to be. My fiancee is out playing paintball in the mud and the boarder is off at a course. I had formulated some vague plans of going to the shops to print out save-the-date cards but you know what? It's raining, and I don't want to get out of my pajamas.

Despite this, I've still been pottering about doing some housework. It's like some sick compulsion. In my mind, I rationalize: "If I put a load of washing on, and make sure the kitchen is clean, then I can relax for an hour or two. Then later I can make a start on the floors... ".

NO. I must resist! Plenty of time for housework tomorrow. Today, I'm going to enjoy my no-plan day.

Do you have planned lazy days? Do you still find yourself doing housework and errands anyawy?

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