Monday, May 2, 2011

My Weekend in photos

This weekend, as it was another long one, I drove to the farm to see if I could be of some use to my mum. She has finally realised her limitations in that she can't do everything one-handed, so she pretty much worked me to the bone with little errands and tasks. But it wasn't all bad.

Captured a beautiful rural sunset. It just doesn't happen like that in the city.

Played with my brother's beautiful labrodor puppy

Woke up to dew on the window after a frosty dawn. Was glad to be rugged up under my doona that morning!

Took my mum to church for a farewell cuppa with the leaving minister and his wife. These are the stained glass windows which I have always admired. They are memorials for parishioners who have died. I hope someone dedicates a window to me when I go.

Took a photo of my grandparents' Agatha Christie collection. This is just a small sample. I love reading them when I'm at the farm.

Had a very civilised cuppa with brother's GF. She has the most awesome tea set.

Checked out my brother's latest car purchase. I think he has an addiction. Someone needs to ban him from ebay, seriously.

Picked up some special edition mags with Royal Wedding specials.

So what did you do on your weekend?

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