Saturday, February 5, 2011

Life, love and the damned heat

I keep thinking at random moments lately "oh, that would make a good blog post". And then I forget all about it. I also have this fixation now where I like to include a picture of some kind whenever I blog, which is silly because it's the words that matter, right? But I really like blogs that include personal photos, makes things more interesting. Gives you a little window into the blogger's life.

Life is pretty awesome right now. I said to my fiancée the other day (still getting used to that word) that things are really looking up for us. I had a great birthday party, and got lots of presents. We got engaged, and I get to wear the most beautiful ring on my finger every day. C finally got his truck repaired (mostly) after 3 years off the road. The weather has been pleasant enough (finally!) to swim. C's parents came to stay and spend some time, and much as they drive me around the twist, it is always great for C to spend time with his father (the only person in the world whose advice he will listen to!).

Next on the agenda is organising the engagement party, and after that... the wedding! Which is kinda freaking me out at the moment, but that's a whole 'nother post...

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